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Cooking Classes:  Demonstration or Hands-on
...for people affected by chronic kidney disease

Cooking classes may be arranged for individuals or for groups. 

  • Cooking demonstration classes are more observational in nature compared to the hands-on cooking classes.     
  • Participants will be provided with food samples and recipes in both types of classes.  
  • Food portions tend to be larger during the hands-on cooking classes, compared to the demonstration cooking classes.   
  • Sessions are typically 2-3 hours in length.  

Catering Services
...for people affected by kidney disease

Go to the "Contact Us" tab to tell us about your catering request.

Catering Services can be provided in private homes or other small venues.

  • If you like to entertain with tasty food, Kara's Kitchen can look after your small-scale catering needs, while adhering to your nutritional requirements.
  • Consider Kara's Kitchen for your next "kidney-friendly" cocktail party or dinner party. 
  • Up to 30 guests for cocktail parties and up to 12 for dinner parties. 

At Kara's Kitchen we believe that everyone should enjoy tasty food!